Cashier's Checks

A Cashier's Check represents guaranteed funds and is the much safer equivalent of cash. The Cashier's Check is ideal anytime there is an exchange of ownership interests or property title for the purchaser's payment. Selling a car or boat? Before you hand over the signed and notarized title, make sure you get paid. Payment by cash is fine but not really safe. Payment by Cashier's Check may be a much better alternative.

Cashier's Checks from Lawrence Bank are available to bank customers in exchange for cash or other guaranteed/collected funds.

A word of caution: Cashier's Checks are not subject to a stop payment order and replacement requires a lost instrument affidavit and may require a lost instrument bond from your insurance provider. These items should be treated with special care because they may be difficult to replace.

Only our lobby tellers issue these items and a small fee is charged.

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